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Financial Department

The department is tasked of all JWU financial operations and procedures along with control over money collection and expenditure so as to assure soundness of the organization’s fiscal standing and promote its capacity to meet its commitments towards users, contractors and staff members. In this context, the  financial department prepares annual budgets, drafts financial reports, performs financial auditing and approves invoices and receipts.

JWU has been keen to keep clear and transparent references for financial operations and set up policies, bylaws and provisions to control financial transactions, including control over income and expenditure, and manage depots, assets, and  bank settlements so as to reinforce control procedures in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards “IFRS”, issued by the IFAC, and the applicable Palestinian laws and legislations

The  department is formed of two divisions: Financial Planning and Analysis Division staffed only by the head of division currently, and the Accounting Division, which in turn is divided into two sections: General Accounting and Treasury Sections.

The Financial Department has 13 staff members, distributed as follows;

  • Director of Financial Affairs Department
  • Head of Accounting Division
  • Head of Financial Analysis Division
  • Supervisors of the two Accounting Sections
  • The Accounting Section has 4 accountants
  • The Treasury Section has 2 tellers in addition to a messenger.