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General Manager Foreword

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Welcome to the Jerusalem Water Undertaking’s Website!

As the general manager of this pioneering organization, I have been committed  to constant developments and responses to the needs and aspirations of our dear users, so as to maintain JWU’s standing as  an  example for full water solutions.

The  website  offers  information, guidelines, E-services and social media links to provide our customers with  access to the products and services of the JWU.  We have exerted our best efforts to produce this site in quality to meet the needs of our distinguished users.

Reflecting our strategic vision to further develop JWU to be the Palestine preeminent  water and waste water organization, and in light of our mission to meet the needs of our users with quality and reliable services, JWU strategic goals have been set to promote communication with customers.  Our procedures and regulations have been consequently formulated to achieve satisfaction of our users through the constant upgrading and development of our services.

The history of the JWU, positioning it in the climax of national institutional work for long years, along with its record of excellence and success, induce us to maintain and develop it beyond anticipations. The efforts of our distinguished staff, to whom I pay my tribute and respects for all that they have achieved so far with their hard work, loyalty and belonging, has maintained the good standing of the JWU vis-à-vis the other organizations as a deep rooted national achievement.

One of the most significant pillars of our success is the teamwork spirit. Every and each staff and management member perform their responsibilities in sincerity and integrity, inspired by the golden words of the prophet “”All of you are shepherds and each of you is responsible for his flock”. The challenges we face and the harsh conditions in Palestine require more of us, we need to extraordinarily exert our efforts to protect this national project and sustain our entity and dignified presence on our land.

A rational management requires recruitment of all JWU human and financial resources in a proper way and to precisely target the anticipated results. It also requires employment of all available capabilities from the local community, GOs, NGOs, donors, and customers to achieve success.

We believe in the tripartite cooperation between the management, staff and customers towards a fair, secure and rational distribution of available limited water in our possession, and towards a constant development to reach the best performance and quality standards in water service provision.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we are looking forward to meet your expectations and aspirations.