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Disconnection Procedures

      1. Instance 1:
      2. A subscriber is entitled to disconnect their AMR and subscription at the JWU at his/ her convenience, should he/she decide they no longer need an AMR due to moving abroad, leaving household for indefinite time, or owning another water source like wells.
      3. The user is this case have to report in person, send a representative with a power of attorney, or in case the subscriber or owner is not available, the user shall provide the necessary documents (succession deed, photocopy of subscriber’s ID or passport with a no-objection from him/ her or from the heirs to disconnect the service). He/ she shall fill the form and submit it to the cashier at JWU. Accordingly, the AMR is removed and service is stopped by the Subscribers’ Division. No fees shall be charged.
      4. A bill is issued for the subscriber after disconnecting running water for the period between the last bill and the date of disconnection.


      1. Instance 2: should the service be stopped for more than 3 years, the user has to submit a new subscription.