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Customer Services Department

One of the key and major departments at JWU. It is a main  revenue collector and has a core role in dealing with customers and representing the image of JWU for the outside community.


The department consists of two main Divisions:


Billing and Collections Division: which is subdivided into:

  1. Reading and Billing Section:
  2. Reading and billing (about 63,000 bills) for all JWU subscribers;
  3. Controlling and monitoring Subscribers’ consumptions
  4. Plays a basic role in customer Services Department Using advanced billing technology


  1. Collection Section:
  2. Follow up subscribers’ financial receivables including government, refugee camps, senior subscribers & VIP subscribers
  3. The Section is also responsible for settlements, which is a key tool in dealing with subscribers’ issues through:


  • lawsuits against subscribers with regards to debt collection, promissory notes and violations;
  • assessing legal consultants performance through regular and annual reports
  • Receiving and tackling subscribers’ issues.


  1. Complaints Section:

The section receives subscribers complains, inquires and recommendations then responds to it in a professional manner, through:

  • Phone calls, field visits; personal Follow up and professional tests.
  • Notify subscribers before JWU proceeding in legal procedures.


Maintenance and Follow-up Division:


A vital division, which tackles meter maintenance. It consists of two sections:


  1. Maintenance Section

The main duties of this section are the following:

  • Meter maintenance and testing in a regular manner & when needed.
  • Meter On site testing on a regular bases & when needed
  • Update subscribers’ data on the billing system.


  1. Inspection Section

The main duties of this section are the following:

  • Field follow up for disconnected meters
  • disconnect water Service to avoid water unauthorized consumption
  • Documenting violations through field visits
  • Make settlements with violating subscribers.