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Planning and IT Department

The Information Technology and Planning Department is a key JWU apparatus to execute its tasks and activities.   The Department is mandated of the development of different programs and applications for the use of other departments and for the use of the IT and Planning Department itself.  In this context, the department is constantly developing programming and applications to meet the needs of JWU and help keep its position as a pioneering institution in terms of the availability of cutting edge software and technology relying on the competence of its specialized staff to increase work efficiency.


Six staff members work currently at the department, distributed under its  different divisions and sections: IT Division, Infrastructure Division, Programming and Development Section, and Computerization and Control Section. In addition, there are several inactivated section on the organizational structure for  the time being. The department staff work as a team to develop the different programs and provide technical support and assistance for the JWU programs and systems.