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Procurement, Tendering and Warehouses Department 

The division provide JWU with materials, services and procurements needed for all departments. It prepares, oversees, and manages JWU bids and procurements for major and minor projects. The Division precisely and timely tracks and meet departments needs with best specifications. It also prepares agreements and follow up the supplying process from purchase order to receiving all materials. Under the Procurement division comes the Warehouses Section, it is responsible for storing materials and equipment used by JWU daily works, especially by the Water Operations Department, Engineering Department and Customer Service Department, in order to accomplish JWU tasks in serving the people and maintaining & developing (upgrading) the water infrastructure

The Division is concerned to deal with up-to-date in the industry and procurement fields. It holds meetings with the main service providers and suppliers to discuss their remarks and recommendations. Recently, Warehouses have been reorganized in a better way, using a full-automated system within JWU portal.

The Division works with three adopted mechanisms for procurement:

  1. Direct Procurement
  2. Invitation for price quotes
  3. Invitation for bids in the local newspapers

Human Resources Division

This Division oversees personnel affairs in terms of hiring qualified employees, training and organizational development, managing staff profiles, annual and sick leaves, medical insurances, work injuries, and follow up full time, part time and contract employees. Under this Division, Personnel Affairs Section, which deals with managing staff profiles and services, and the Training Section, which is responsible for training and building the capacity of staff members as a vital human asset at the Organization.

In the past years, the Division has been considerably and qualitatively developed through:

  1. Computerization  of staff attendance and leaving records
  2. Electronic documentation of staff profiles
  3. Development of electronic job application forms at JWU website
  4. Indexing of library books on the library computerized application
  5. Managing medical insurance for employees & their families, and contracting new hospitals and physicians.
  6. Staff members’ training and needs assessment
  7. Follow up employees work injuries from beginning to compensation     
  8. Computerization of staff evaluation forms.

Administrative Services Division

This Division is concerned with logistics, security, guarding, incoming and outgoing correspondence, vehicle and machinery movement, and archiving of all JWU departments and facilities. Under this Division, there is the Administrative Services Section, including: Archive, Secretary, Servant, guards, security, and  telephone switchboard; and the Transportation Section, responsible for all JWU vehicles, and machinery in terms of maintenance, insurance, licensing, cleaning and follow up. This Division serves all divisions, sections and employees at JWU in terms of providing services and tools to insure a proper working environment for staff members.

The procedures, regulations and policies that govern the department include:

  1. JWU Workers and Employees regulation
  2. JWU Salary Scale
  3. Organizational Structure
  4. Health Insurance System
  5. Collectors’ Rewards bylaw
  6. Procurement and Tendering Regulation

The Administrative Department conducts or contributes to the drafting of the following plans:

  1. The annual training and capacity building plan
  2. The Annual budget
  3. The JWU Strategic Plan