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Achievements of the Financial Department 2015

Among the most significant improvements at the financial system in JWU in the past year have been promoting adopted financial procedures and internal control. Besides, the process, quality and sequence of reports have been developed. The following represent key improvements at the department:


  1. Finalising 2015 financial data in the first two months of the year
  2. Regular weekly reports are enhanced
  3. Financial planning at JWU is improved
  4. Annual budget as a control tool is developed
  5. The department contributed to the formation of annual budget committee, and comparing actual expenditure against estimated budget
  6. Control over project execution and quality is activated to assure project goals and efficiency
  7. Expenditure procedures are upgraded through opening financial accounts for each provider
  8. Efficiently managing and preserving unused funds
  9. Continuing to create cash reserve to meet staff savings and other allowances.