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Achievements Of Planning and IT Department

HR Management


HR is entirely managed by the current HR application, this includes: salaries, work injuries, medical insurance, extra work hours, staff assessment, attendance processing, leaves, and daily load of work linked to the billing and complaints system “TAWASUL”. The system was built using VB6 and SQL Server 2012 database by IT and Planning Department. Currently, we are working on new upgrade of the HR portal, which will be more inclusive and linked to the other applications at JWU, with easy access online. The system is being developed based on MVC principle, and will perform all the tasks of the current application:  salaries, work injuries, medical insurance, extra work hours, staff assessment, attendance processing, leaves, and large group of reports. All staff profiles are being automated to be uploaded to the application.


Billing and Appraisal 

This is the nucleus JWU application performing all subscriber related activities starting of application through appraisal, AMR installation, opening new subscription, AMR reading, billing, payment control and audit. It also includes:  follow up of users issues, holding  financial settlements with senior indebted users and  following up lawsuits with concerned parties especially lawyers and courts. The application also processes AMR logs including removal, installation, replacement or repair. It also records AMR maintenance history and readings transfer via mobile apps and external offices levying via the same application. Providing that the application has different levels of privileges for each user or group of users.


The Administrative Application

It contains several tools including tendering follow up, tender guarantees follow up, notification to staff members in charge of  the imminent guarantee date. It also processes and approves procurement applications and transfers; in addition to a large  database of JWU categorized contacts with accessibility of search and use. The application attaches guarantees, agreements, or bids to the input data to facilitate access should there be a need for to a hard copy of it.



Vehicle Management

This application manages all vehicle related works, including: entry of vehicle information to the system, vehicle maintenance logs, licensing, insurance and lubricant replacement, regular reporting on licensing, insurance and lubrication dates. It is also concerned with vehicle statements, drivers’ licenses end date notification, accident recording for each driver and other tasks.


Incoming and Outgoing Correspondence

Incoming and outgoing formal letters are scanned, assigned reference numbers, and attached with the original letter to reduce dependence on hardcopies. Files could be accessed, searched and reviewed directly with this application.


Technical Assistance

Represents a log for desktops, printers and ink cartridge replacement with reporting. Ink usage is controlled through this application to notify users for remaining quantity. The application integrates a trouble registration mechanism so as IT staff can easily review history of  issue – solution to avoid and solve recurring issues.


“Finpack” Accounting Application

All financial aspects related to JWU financial operations are managed through this application. The depot operations including material logs are managed through Finpack.  The application also processes and documents Receipts, checks, bills, costs, balances and budgets. It is linked to the billing system to assure control over depot operations.



The application was built to manage and trace users complaints and water issues as of entry date until complaint is closed and SMS is sent to the staff member in charge to that effect. Statistics could be produced through TAWASUL on complaint or area directories, making it easy to make decisions and investigate if the problem is a phenomena or just a specific one.



This application is comprised of map that contains all main and subordinate lines, user AMR locations, and is connected to the billing system to view accounts and locations with high debits. It can find the closest familiar sight, subscription, or certain lines. The application is connected to the complaints application “TAWASUL” in order to locate a complaint to make it easy for the technician to handle the issue.



It contains public relations for easy access, like information on JWU, data, contact information, applications used at the JWU, partners, tenders, and other records. It is a Web application that could be accessed online from anywhere.


Portable Billing (Windows + Android)

Two billing systems on Windows and Android platforms were developed to facilitate fee collection, where data is uploaded to devices and collectors read AMRs and issue bills on site, as well as receipts in case of payment. They input all remarks to be processed by the concerned staff. Bills, readings and remarks are retrieved once the collectors are back at the JWU offices, to be audited and approved before being transferred. Lately, an Android version of application has been developed to keep abreast with the vast use of smart phones.


Pump Control

This system controls JWU pumping stations, remotely switches stations on or off, controls pressure and flow, alters the concerned department in case of station fault, and monitors all parts of the water network in JWU service area. Different reports are produced through the application along with pumping, pressure and quantities charts. The application was built autonomously by the  JWU staff.


Data Center

JWU has reconstructed the data center from scratch. It has conducted Data Center Virtualization using VMware Technology to transfer physical servers into virtual servers to considerably save time and funds in addition to a higher level of data and server protection through Replication, High Availability Fault Tolerance in cases of urgent fails of one server the other shall directly operate. Two extra data backup units Tape Drives are available in a separate place away from the center.  Backup process is scheduled for key virtual servers and data center including:


  1. Two VM wareEsxi servers Local.
  2. VMware Esxi server Replicated.

3.Two  Physical SAN Storage.

  1. Replicated SAN Storage.
  2. Two Firewalls stations on two physical servers.
  3. Telephone Central and another one for disaster.


JWU has another backup space containing a full version of virtual servers which are automatically updated on a timely basis. It is only used in case of fault in the original data center. An email is sent automatically from servers in case of any fault, and servers are controlled with a 30 KVA UPS, and cutting edge automated fire extinguishing system. JWU also has a comprehensive surveillance  system that consists of large number of SD and HD cameras along with an inclusive alarm system in case of disasters.