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Achievements of the Administrative Department

  • Performing Million ILS cost tenders to insure provision of all necessary materials, equipment and services to enable JWU of practicing its tasks.
  • Depot organization and procedure development
  • Despite the limited capabilities, a time effective electronic documentation of subscriber profiles, where more than 37000 files were documented since the beginning of the project until this date, comprising more than 50% of the entire subscriptions.
  • E- profiles for all staff members have been fulfilled
  • Library books have been entered into the computer system
  • Performance assessment forms have been developed, modified and computerized.
  • JWU internal facilities have been enhanced and developed.
  • Work injuries and health insurance have been controlled and followed up on timely basis.
  • The Administrative Department has contributed to enhancing the image of JWU through communication with several international bodies and participating in workshops and seminars.
  • Computerization of leave forms.
  • An electronic guarding security system has been developed and adopted to facilitate follow up of guards work.
  • Cooperation with the Public Relations in the topic of bill  Boards to communicate JWU messages for users and citizens.
  • Several training sessions have been hold to build staff capacity based on work needs.
  • Development of recruitment process through electronic forms.
  • Active contribution to finalization and execution of plans, studies, regulations and policies.
  • Development and increasing vehicles at the JWU disposal.
  • Contributing actively in planning, overseeing and execution of the new Customer Service Center.