• Transparency and quality of administrative professional management in line with global systems and administrative and professional control
  •  Enhance the efficiency of the teams in order to ensure continuous administrative development, that will enhance staff skills and approaches
  • Develop, protect, preserve and manage its water resources to ensure their sustainability and adequate future water supply
  • Balance water supply and demand to ensure an equitable share of available water quantities to all consumers, through effective financial management, application tariff that covers operating and maintenance costs,  in addition to capital costs for the long term, and considers affordability to subscribers  in order to ensure continuity of service and continued self-reliance
  •  Permanent compliance with the national water quality standards
  • Safeguard the production and distribution systems and maintain it in an efficient and effective manner that would ensure the reliability and validity of these systems
  • Provide prompt and effective services to JWU subscribers  in a manner that preserves JWU image as a community supporter and maximize public interest, participation,  involvement  and support